An appellate court ruled on Thursday to allow Steve Glickman back on the ballot.

Glickman is a newcomer to the political scene, but he says he wasn’t going down without a fight, and is ready to move forward with his campaign.

“I was very pleased with the judges’ decision,” Glickman said. “I think they made the right decision in this case.”

Just two weeks ago, a court ruled that Glickman was not eligible to run for the 55th senate district seat, because he didn’t meet the 5 year New York State residency requirement – but the appeals court disagreed.

“I firmly believe I was and have always been eligible for this race, because I’ve always been a New York State resident,” said Glickman.

Three local Republicans filed the initial objections to Glickman’s candidacy because of time spent living in Washington D.C. – where he even registered to vote.

A spokesperson for the campaign of the incumbent Senator Rich Funke says the appeals court didn’t answer those questions, saying: “Regardless of the different legal interpretations, both courts agree Steven lived in D.C. within the five-year window, clearly violating the intent of the State Constitution. If the objectors choose to appeal, we strongly support their decision.”

Glickman’s attorney, Kamran Hashmi, says that while there are other cases and commentary they can refer to for proof, the decision in this case could be one other candidates and campaigns cite in the future.

While they know there may be an appeal, they expect any decisions to be made quickly.

“We’ll let the process play itself out. If this were to be appealed it would be a very streamlined, quick process, just like all of the stuff leading up to this was very streamlined,” said Hashmi. “These cases are put ahead of even criminal cases on the docket.”

In the meantime, Glickman says he’s not backing down

“There’s been a lot of intimidation tactics the Republican Party has used against me. It’s something that isn’t going to get me to back down,” he said. “They’re going to do all the digging they want because they don’t want to run this race against me, but we’re going to continue to fight to give the people of the 55th district a choice in November.”