ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Ana Liss, one of 11 women who came forward accusing Governor Cuomo of sexual harassment, says she is glad the Attorney General’s investigation is now public. 

“I feel there is a sense of vindication for the women who spoke out, now that an independent third party investigation has concluded,” Liss said. 

Liss worked as a policy and operations aid for the Cuomo administration from 2013-2015. She came forward earlier this year, saying the Governor displayed inappropriate behavior towards her.

Liss previously told News 8 that the governor would kiss her cheek, touch her lower back, and would ask her if she had a boyfriend. She also said the workplace environment was toxic and hostile.  

When Liss came forward with her story earlier this year, she was the third former aide of Cuomo to do so. She says she applauds all the women who spoke up. 

“It took a lot of bravery and a lot of courage, coming up against a really powerful force in the State of New York, and all of us paid professional and a personal price for making that decision.”

Liss she hopes that because women have come forward, it will help change the culture around workplace harassment. 

“I think if we want more young women in particular to choose careers in public service, we need to make sure that we understand how important it is to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace head on and give victims a space to come forward… and believe victims,” Liss said. 

There have been growing calls for the governor to resign since the investigation’s findings were released Tuesday, including President Biden. Liss said she agrees. 

“I echo all of the other prominent individuals in the State of New York who were calling on the governor to make the decision to step down,” she said. 

As investigations continue into Gov. Cuomo, Liss said she plans to focus on her work. She did thank everyone who has reached out to her in support. 

“I’ve been flooded with text messages and emails and people reaching out, expressing support and solidarity, and that has been really wonderful.”

Liss currently works for Monroe County as the Director of Planning and Development.

Governor Cuomo denied the allegations against him in a pre-recorded video Tuesday. However, the Attorney General’s report said they found the 11 women credible.