Like Canalside, Sandhill Mobile Home Park in Newark facing its share of issues

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Septic and dumping cited by town

NEWARK, NY (WROC) — Like the Canalside Mobile Home Park in Lyons, which was without power for months in throughout summer, the Sandhill Mobile Home Park in Newark is facing its share of issues. 

Terry Russell has been a resident of Sandhill for five years, and for three of those years, he says he’s had major raw sewage issues.

“When it rains, the neighbor’s septic comes up in our commode, in our bathtub and up our sink,” says Russell. “We’re sitting here and this house smells like crap.”

Russell says multiple homes have similar ground septic issues across the park, which would fall upon the owner to fix according to state health laws. He says he alerted the owner, Phil Provenzano, and there was some work done, but it didn’t fix the problem. Provenzano is also the owner of the Lyons Mobile Home Park that endured the prolonged power outage.

“They tried to blame it on me, saying I broke it. We haven’t heard from them in like three months,” he says.

Septic issues are not the only problems plaguing the park. Residents say condemned trailers are sitting vacant, and years worth of garbage is piled up. Rubbish collection at the park was cancelled some time ago, and trucks are known to pull in and dispose of garbage.

“We got sewer, broken glass, abandoned trailers, garbage blowing around,” says resident Brett Evans, who lives next to the open dump and has three children. His biggest concerns in addition to the sewage and trash are the rats. Rats he says are as long as a forearm, not including the tails.

In a statement, the Town Code Enforcer says multiple violations have been issued to EPCP Properties. Ed DeWolf says the park owner outlined plans to have things fixed, but nothing’s been done, and he’s not shown up to additional court dates to answer the charges. 

Full statement

“The Town of Arcadia Code Enforcement Office has written multiple violations to EPCP Properties, owner Phil Provenzano, concerning Sandhill Mobile Home Park located in Arcadia on Sandhill Road.  The violations range from unsafe structures, dumping, septic, etc. The office manager appeared in Town Court to address the violations of unsafe structures and dumping. The manager then wrote up a plan of correction in the Spring of 2019, with a completion date of August 2019. Since that court date, they failed to correct all the violations. The park owner, Phil Provenzano has failed to appear on two later court dates to answer to the charges.” 

-Ed DeWolf, Town of Arcadia Code Enforcer

Russell’s trying not to hang around much longer.

“One time (the owner) says, ‘You don’t even thank me for what I’ve done for you.’ And I’m thinking, ‘What have you done for me?’ We’re trying to get out of here. You can’t deal with them guys,” Russel said.

Park manager Cory Provenzano says he is aware of the septic issues and will be fixing them soon.

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