LEROY, NY (WROC) The weather forecast to the west of Rochester is expected to get hazardous Thursday night and into Friday due to a significant lake-effect snow band that is projected to dump feet of snow across Buffalo and the surrounding region.

On Thursday afternoon, News 8 set up shop at the Ontario Travel Plaza on the Thruway in LeRoy and spoke to people heading west, hoping to beat the snowstorm before it hinders travel.

Max Spilman is a Syracuse University student on his way home to Cleveland. He has every intention of showing the storm who’s boss. 

“I mean, I’ll just go as fast as I can, not speeding, not doing anything too stupid,” says Spilman.

Sheril Kula has a van full of family, going from New Hampshire to Michigan, taking an international route. “It’s actually shorter to go through Canada than to go down around Ohio and up,” she said.

Kula says right now, they are ahead of the storm. Snow or not, Kula’s got her steel beast to plow through anything. “It’s an all-wheel drive full-size SUV. Feel Confident.”

Tim Mascari is on his way to Buffalo with his wife to see the in-laws… and that looks like that will be about it. “And then I was supposed to be going hunting in the south towns with my father-in-law, but I don’t know if that’s going to be happening,” he said.

Richard Davis and his daughters are heading to Buffalo, and no one’s worried. 

“No, I’m not concerned,” said Tammy Burkhow. Here’s why: “She’s got brand-new winter tires on,” said Davis, his other daughter adding, “Winter tires with studs are great. Do not do the all-season (tires).”

And finally, one Connecticut couple was heading to the Buffalo Bills game. That was ruined by the expected snowfall. The Bills and the NFL said Thursday that Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns will move to Detroit.

“We’ve never experienced ‘lake effect’, okay, snow,” said Michelle Blank.

Not wanting to drive to the game now in Michigan, they’re going to make the most of things anyway and have a snowed-in long weekend of love at Niagara-on-the-Lake. “Romantic, absolutely. What do you think about that?” said her husband Fred Jackson.