ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport Director is responding after it was announced Saturday that Frontier Airlines is leaving.

That means you can’t book a Frontier Airlines flight through the Rochester airport past May 9.

Since 2021, Frontier Airlines has been offering ultra-low-cost flights to Orlando, Tampa, and Denver. Airport Director Andy Moore says typically, low-cost flights flourish at a time of high rates of travel.

“There’s a lot of ultra-low-cost carriers now throughout the country that are really growing in this post-covid post-pandemic time period that we’re in.”

He says he was a bit surprised when he found out Frontier was pulling out of the airport because they just had one of their best Christmas vacations and February/winter vacations in seven years.

In speaking with representatives from Frontier Airlines, Moore was told they were leaving due to not making their marker points during the two years they were there. He says they looked at their load factors and profitability, and maybe even the competition, before making a business decision. And he says this isn’t uncommon in the industry right now.

For frequent Frontier fliers, this could mean travelers have to change their airline and it may not be the cheapest option or provide a direct flight.

Fortunately for the Rochester airport, Frontier Airlines only served about 5% of the airport’s total passenger volume. However, Moore is still working to cushion the impact.

“I’m also out talking to airlines even this morning, talking to incumbent airlines and new airlines about coming into Rochester to make up that difference with Frontier’s suspension of service.”

Moore says until they are able to replace Frontier Airlines, Spirit also offers non-stop flights to places like Orlando like Frontier previously offered. Southwest also flies there on Saturdays.

The airport director added this change is also affecting other, bigger airports. Some of those include Washington Dulles, Newark, New York City, T.F. Green in Providence, Rhode Island, Boise, and Reno.