ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Walking into an airport or bus station, you now have the option to wear a mask or not. Some travelers at the Greater Rochester International Airport have mixed feelings about this change. 

At this point – most major airlines have dropped the masking requirement.

One father-daughter duo reunited at the Rochester airport Tuesday morning. Both say the news has been a bit of an adjustment.

“I like seeing people’s faces,” said Rodney Malone, who decided to go maskless. “I noticed confusion when I picked her up.”

“Our flight attendant was even like, ‘The mandate has been lifted, I’m not going to tell you you have to wear it,’” said Peri Malone. 

The two say they noticed many employees were still wearing masks, and a good amount of travelers weren’t, causing some confusion.

Signs were still up in most airports, instructing you to wear a mask.

Madison Scott of Rochester says the feel of walking around an airport is different than the actual plane. She feels comfortable without a mask inside the airport, but not in the air. 

“It’s so closed quarters and you’re on there for so long,” said Scott. 

Kim and Tony Parella want to keep there mask-on in most settings, at least for now.

“Seems a little too soon for me, I get it but im not ready,” said Kim. 

“Being in that confined area I feel a little better wearing it,” said Tim. 

So how long will it last?

The Biden Administration says they’re disappointed in the move, and may appeal.

In the meantime, it’s up to you.

“Most of the people are saying they’re just happy they have a choice now, be considerate of others,” she said.

Uber and Lyft have also dropped masking requirements, following the court ruling.