WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Thanksgiving is just a few days away and many Western New Yorkers are preparing their bags and booking their tickets to travel during the holidays.

AAA predicts a 1.5% increase in holiday travel since last year, which means close to 55 million travelers will travel 50 miles or more this next week. They also say it could be the third-busiest Thanksgiving travel since 2000.

“Majority of people are traveling by car,” said Elizabeth Carey, director of public relations at AAA. “The air travel will be up so we know that the airports will be busy, but the road trips always reign supreme, because it’s the most economical way to travel, especially when you’re talking about a large family.”

Air travel is up 8% this Thanksgiving according to AAA, and 4.5 million people are expected to fly during the holiday this year.

“You’re going to want to make sure you get to the airport early to avoid any lines for TSA and make sure you get through security quickly,” Carey said.

In addition to getting to the airport hours in advance, AAA offered a bunch of travel tips, including marking your luggage with a personalization so it’s easy to spot, and if you have a connecting flight, it might be easiest to pack up your carryon.

“We try to remind everyone — first off — if you can pack lightly, use a carry-on, that way if there’s a flight delay, or an interruption, you’ll be able to have belongings with you,” Carey said. “We like to use items like this packing cube where you roll up your clothes, you can fit so much more in here and then you put this into your suitcase, you can double or triple the space in your suitcase if you pack that way.”

Carey also suggests travelers to pay attention to the best and worst travel times, listed on pages 2 and 3 of the document below.

AAA also notices that a lot of families are choosing to have a non-traditional Thanksgiving, use this time to go on family vacations instead, and that Orlando is a popular travel destination during this week.

AAA recommends as you prepare to travel, to be sure to be patient with your travel plans as well. For more information on AAA travel, visit their website here.