ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The third Saturday of October is recognized as National Move Over Day. And this year, that driving requirement is expanding.

Just three weeks ago, Governor Kathy Hochul signed “Move Over” legislation into law that expands New York State’s Slow Down and Move Over requirement.

This expansion, according to AAA, now includes disabled vehicles that are parked on the shoulder of a controlled access highway or parkway. This will require drivers to exercise caution when they are approaching a disabled vehicle.

The expansion of the legislation is set to go into effect in March of 2024. Research from AAA revealed that 42 percent of drivers who did not comply with Move Over laws think that their behavior is not dangerous to people on the roadside.

AAA offers the following tips to motorists when they see spot emergency or utility vehicles:

  • Always remain alert
  • Watch the road
  • Approach with caution
  • Move Over
  • Go Slow