Lead poisoning thresholds changing in New York could strain some counties


October 20-26 is the beginning of National lead Poisoning Prevention Week and for good reason. October 2019 marks the first month that New York State Counties will be using a new threshold to investigate cases of lead. 

That level requires governments to allocate funds for certain items like testing, finding the source, and correcting it. The level went from 10 µg/dL to 5 µg/dL which is something Mel Callan from the coalition to prevent lead poisoning says is a good move by the state. This will help trigger more investigations. 

“It may not be their own home,” said Callan. “It could be grandparents’ home, it could be a daycare, but they find the source of that lead poisoning and the work with the family to get it corrected.” 

While many families have been getting help if their child has any lead in their system, other counties may have to play catch up especially with the new threshold. 

“Even this recent change will be a hardship for many counties in New York State. We are fortunate that our city and county staff have been working on this for a number of years, but other counties haven’t had the resources to adopt a lower threshold,” said Callan. 

Lead paint is the most common source of lead poisoning in Monroe County. 

Home testing is completely free within the City of Rochester. More information on resources can be found here or by calling (585) 428-6520. 

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