La Cage aux Folles at Geva


The Broadway smash “La Cage aux Folles” is on stage at Geva Theatre in Rochester through October 6.

Danny Vaccaro, who plays Albin, and Micheal Evan Williams, who plays Jean Michel, discussed the popular show Friday during News 8 at Noon.

“I think the most amazing part about ‘La Cage aux Folles’ is that it is a traditional story told in an untraditional way,” said Vaccaro. “You have the prodigal son returning with his fiancee and is a bit embarrassed of his family. And isn’t that universal? I play his mother, who is the star of ‘La Cage aux Folles.’ I’m a female impersonator and Mark Cuddy plays my husband and if anyone has seen ‘The Birdcage,’ they know the basic plot of it. And what I love so much about this piece, is that in the end, the message is actually traditional. There’s nothing like family. No one hurts you like family. No one loves you like family. And although we use a slightly untraditional way of expressing it, the actual show is actually really traditional.”

It is Jean Michel who set the chain of events in motion. “He does, and with no intent of malice or doing so,” said Williams. “But it plays with the different aspects of love that come with a traditional musical comedy. So you’ve got the two young ingenues that he comes into completely smitten with this woman he is engaged to but has set forward a plan in his lovestruck mindset that ends up costing his family. And so without giving too much away, it’s about reconciling the different types of love that we have – between family members and between spouses.”

For tickets to “La Cage aux Folles” call (585) 232-GEVA or visit the Geva Theatre website.

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