The updated KODAK MOMENTS app is being unveiled with a one-of-a-kind Memory Observatory installation at SXSW beginning Friday, March 11.

Nicki Zongrone, President of Consumer Imaging at Kodak Alaris, discussed the enhanced app and its roll out at SXSW Friday on News 8 at Sunrise.  Zongrone said the update app includes an engagement feature to add visual storytelling in the app.  The engagement feature provides consumers with the ability to tell a story about specific memorable moments captured on their phones.  The user is prompted to write a little bit of text to describe the moment.  It’s secured and shared with close friends and family.

SXSW is an entrepreneurial, social media focused conference according to Zongrone.  Kodak Alaris will be in the interactive space, where President Obama will give a keynote speech Friday.  The KODAK MOMENTS app will be featured in a “Memory Observatory” allowing consumers to experience the enhanced app in a multi-sensory way.

To learn more about the KODAK MOMENTS app and its unveiling at SXSW, click here.