Justice for Daniel Prude was possible, says family after Chauvin conviction


ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) —  After Tuesday’s conviction of Dereck Chauvin, Joe Prude says it shows the same outcome was possible for his brother, Daniel Prude.

Over the past year, thousands have marched in Rochester calling for justice for Daniel Prude, who died after an encounter with Rochester police in 2020. Joe Prude is still fighting for a conviction of the officers involved in his brother’s death.

Prude sees the guilty verdict for Dereck Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer now convicted on all charges in the death of George Floyd, as a step in the right direction, but says it’s only the first move towards better police accountability. 

“I wish I could have gotten that same justice for my brother,” said Joe Prude, Daniel Prude’s Brother.

Joe Prude and his lawyer Elliot Shields are pointing to the guilty verdict as proof that justice is possible for victims of police force.  

“In the same manner, you know, police restraint, killed him in the same way they did George. I would have loved to have that victory under my belt right now to know that I got some justice,” said Joe Prude.

“Dereck Chauvin being convicted on these three counts shows that the same thing was possible for the officers that killed Daniel Prude,” said Elliot Shields,  Roth and Roth LLP, attorney for Joe Prude.

Shields fought for months for the officers involved in Daniel Prude’s Death to be convicted, but a grand jury ultimately voted to not indict any of the officers involved.

Prude and Shields are both still advocating for the city of Rochester to remove the officers from the police department, and the conviction of Dereck Chauvin is a glimmer of hope that police accountability will be upheld going forward.

“This could be a watershed moment this is like the OJ case, this is the biggest case of our generation. Going forward … when something like this happens accountability is possible, police officers are not above the law,” said Shields.

“I think that’s its a good start to show that they’re trying to make a change but You know, I would have loved to have that on my behalf, but its something that  I know I can’t stop fighting for, I got to continue marching for my brother,” said Joe Prude

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