A popular Rochester diner reeling from fire at one of its locations, and relocation and redevelopment at another, is reopening under a whole new name.  An update on “Jim’s on Main” combining the best of both “Jim’s” and “Jim’s 2” diners.
Disappointment came in twos for restaurant owner Elena Knapp.  In December 2014, “Jim’s 2” diner on East Main Street burned.  She would have to rebuild.  Months later, Knapp’s other location, “Jim’s” diner on Winton Road near Blossom, closed altogether.  A developer bought the property and has plans to put an Aldi’s grocery store on the site.
“I think he was under the misconception that the neighborhood would just accept it and go with it.  And that area is a very close-knit neighborhood.  And um, he’s got he’s got, he’s facing hurdles.  Big time.” said Elena Knapp, “Jim’s on Main” owner.
Knapp had no choice but to vacate the premises, but not her dreams.
“Oh yea, head strong.  I am going to do this.  I’m going to make this.  Um, yeah.  This is my dream,” said Knapp.
Knapp is combining the best of both “Jim’s” and “Jim’s 2” in what will now become “Jim’s on Main.”
“I want to make that cozy.  Cheers atmosphere. Where, you’re going to walk in, and every person that walks in, I’m going to know who you are,” said Knapp.
Knapp is less than two weeks away from opening the renovated restaurant with a whole new look and a whole new attitude, but the same familiar clientele.
“It’s more than just a restaurant.  It’s not just a diner.  I mean we are really friends with everyone.  Ya know, this is like, our thing.  I know whose kids birthdays are happening.  I know who’s having a grandchild.  We’re having, I love it.  I love it,” added Knapp.
Knapp is also bringing back nearly all of her employees.  Anyone who once had a job is welcome again.