ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — With the recent addition of “TikTok Shop” to the popular social media app, creators have the ability to earn a commission by posting videos including products being sold by small businesses.

One of those products, a “Natural Whitening Pulling Oil.” One brand of the oil sold at major retailers, GuruNanda, consists of coconut oil, mint, essential oils & Vitamins D, E, and K2.

A creator on the app, claimed one brand of this pulling oil, helped with their gum sensitivity and bleeding. Comments in that user’s video claimed it helped with gingivitis, and also with tooth sensitivity.

Locally, experts in our area said the trend is nothing new.

“It’s a practice that has been done on the east of the eastern side of the world for many, many years,” Rochester Regional Health Executive Medial Director of Dentistry Dr. Ahmed Farag said.

Users claim after swooshing the product in their mouth anywhere from two to ten minutes, they have seen improvements with tooth sensitivity, bleeding gums, and bad breath. Dr. Farag says while there is not much research on the method, what has been studied points to some benefits.

“There is some moderate level and low-level evidence in the literature about some improvement in bacteria reductions, specifically,” Dr. Farag said.

But while this method has become a ‘must-have’ in one’s oral routine, Dr. Farag explained those worried about trying it can see similar results using products approved by the American Dental Association.

“Those are the ones that are actually highly researched and proven to be effective for us,” Dr. Farag said. “I would say as long as you’re not given up on your regular normal oral hygiene practices like tooth brushing and flossing. I think you’re okay to try.”

Dr. Farag also encourages to beware of joint pain and fatigue that may occur when swishing the product in your mouth for extended periods of time.