Rochester N.Y. (WROC) — Noy Leyb, 32, is a New York resident and Israeli reserve soldier who flew to Israel to Join the war effort against Hamas.

“I have my real brothers who have been enlisted; I have my friends around me who are here actually fighting. So, it wasn’t a question of if but how soon can I get on a flight” said Leyb.

War was officially declared by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just days ago and hundreds of thousands of reservists were called for duty.

One of the reasons Leyb chose to join the war effort is because of videos circulating the web of atrocities including images of the dead and injured, and the reports of over 100 hostages that were taken by Hamas.

He says his family was concerned about his decision. “My mom told me, you know, stay in New York. My dad told me, he was an officer in the military, so he knows that this has to be done,” Leyb said.

He says that the people at fault for the war and affecting civilians on both sides, is Hamas. “This is on Hamas; Hamas is the one that caused this. they’re responsible, they put their people in this position.”

However, on the other side, pro-Palestinian groups feel that they don’t have enough support.

“Now, if you’re expressing support to Palestinians, automatically you’re pro-Hamas, that’s not true. I’m talking about Palestinians; I’m talking about innocent people. I’m talking about millions of lives,” said Imad Hamad, the Executive Director of the American Human Rights Council, said to CBS News.

Leyb believes that this war will last for a while but that the people of Israel have had enough and are ready for this conflict to end. He says that his unit is physically and mentally preparing and actively working to deal with anything that comes their way as this war continues.

Since the war began, there have been no efforts for peace talks.