ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) – More and more people are making face masks at home as leaders call for use of protective covering in public places, and Angels of Mercy in Rochester is calling on these home seamstress to volunteer and help fill the need for this protective gear.

For Patricia Morely, making face masks has become a matter of staying healthy.

“I’m doing it to protect myself, I live in a building it has 66 units in it and it’s an open space building and i also have some underlying illness,” said Patricia Morley, a Henrietta resident.

Morley tried to buy face masks online, but an average box cost 16 dollars and won’t be delivered until the end of the month. So she took matters in here own hands.

“I’m not a really great sewer but I did have some material and I found some thread and needles and I just started playing around with the material,” said Morley.

In these pictures you can see the steps from start to finish.

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“It took me 3 days because I didn’t know what I was doing, but then it just got easier,” said Morley.

This new at-home seamstress are also helping out leaders at Angels of Mercy in Rochester.

Over 80 people have volunteered to make hand sewn face masks for the group. So far they have distributed 12,000 face masks going to local organizations in need like senior centers and child advocacy groups.

“We have over 20 organizations plus other people and different cities that are calling and asking for masks to be mails it them,” said Mary Jo Colligan, president and founder of Angels of Mercy.

“And it’s just amazing I had people come today and pick up masks, we leave the bag outside for them,” said Colligan.

Angles of Mercy is looking for more home seamstress to make donations.

Those like Morley who can use the time indoors to do something fun and helpful.

“I minus well sit here and have fun I like claustrophobic in this apartment so  i figure I got to do something i started doing some craft and things like that but this is taking my mind off things,” said Morley.

Angels of Mercy says they are getting more orders everyday and is asking anyone can make these simple masks to reach out if they want to help. Volunteers can visit their website here or send an email to