CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (WTEN) — AAA estimating over 50 million people will be traveling this holiday season which puts us within the landing zone of pre-pandemic numbers. WTEN checked in at local area travel centers with the latest.

Folks from all over the country returning to Capital Region post-thanksgiving holiday.

AAA also says air travel is up nearly eight percent from last year estimating that some 4.5 million Americans are flying.   

Over 30 flights brought in nearly 5000 people to the Albany International Airport and several trains made their way through the Amtrack station in Rensselaer while some feared disruption to their travel most folks we talked to said there was not much to worry about this year. 

“He’s taking the train today because we figured to drive would be awful with the traffic, but I feel confident with the train and Amtrak and we think it’s the best way to send them back to college,” Connie Dyer said.

“All things pretty good. It’s crowded. But everybody seems to be cool,” said Gianni Filippone.

“With all the delays I think about 20 minutes at the beginning. But apart from that everything went smoothly, and we got in just about 10-15 minutes after. So, all good,” Michaela Landman said.

 As travelers made their way to their departing modes of transportation folks took time to tell news 10 a little bit about their journeys

“It was a good flight it was pretty uneventful, and I just slept for part of the time,” Ford Koles said.

“It was a pretty good flight came in from Grand Rapids connecting in Detroit had about a half-hour delay in Detroit which wasn’t half bad,” said Simon Volkema

Vice President of AAA Paula Twidale says that with “lifted travel restrictions more travelers are comfortable taking public transportation”. 

The CDC continues to advise travelers to be savvy with vaccinations and keep up to date with all your jabs.

And even though they may no longer be required it is still recommended when in large groups of people unfamiliar to yourself wearing a face mask will help mitigate the spread of common illnesses this season

Returning New Yorkers telling WTEN they are just happy to be home.

“I’ve been looking really forward to it. It’s kind of warm I’m glad we don’t have any snow I can put up a little bit of rain on the way home,” said Bill Cervera.