Healthier You: Sleep Myths


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — All this week we’re helping you sleep better! There’s a lot of advice out there but what really works?

We spoke to a doctor at Rochester Regional Health’s Unity Sleep Disorders Center to debunk some of the most common misconceptions around sleep.

Here are the top three. 

Myth number one: Many adults need only five hours or less of sleep for general health. Doctor Alice Hoagland says that’s a myth.

“The amount of sleep that you require, is the amount of sleep that it takes for you to wake up in the morning, feel alert rested not feel sleepy in the day time. and not fall asleep at night while your watching tv. For some people it could be six and a half hours for other people could be 10 hours,” said Hoagland. 

Myth two: Drinking alcohol before bed will improve your sleep or fall asleep faster. 

‘That is a mixed myth! Alcohol is a fabulous muscle relaxant. It does help people relax their muscles before going to sleep,” said Hoagland. “Alcohol withdrawal out of your system roughly four hours after you consume it. people, end up having fractured sleep after they fall asleep when they have an alcoholic beverage at bedtime. we recommend if you’re going to drink to have it four hours before your bedtime.” 

Myth three: Watching tv in my bedroom helps me wind down and fall asleep.

“We encourage people to not have technology in their bedroom when they’re trying to sleep. We want people to reserve the  bedroom just for sleep,” said Hoagland. 

Doctors say exercising for about four hours before you hit the sack can help you have a good night’s sleep. 

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