ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — If you’ve been wondering why it seems your children are always sick, you’re not alone.

Local pediatrician Dr. Edward Lewis of Lewis Pediatrics says the fact that they’re getting sick is not actually a bad thing. He says we’re almost back to pre-pandemic type illnesses.

With the decrease in COVID-19 cases comes an increase in other illnesses. Dr. Lewis says he’s seeing colds, viral illnesses, norovirus which is also known as the stomach bug, GI bugs, some vomiting, and diarrhea.

He’s also seeing a lot of strep throat. He says the sicknesses have transitioned through the seasons with COVID-19 at the start, then the flu in the fall, to RSV, and now more background viruses like colds and coughs, which have been around for years.

The reason for this being everyone is still recovering from the pandemic. He says all the isolation and masking for the past three years as a result of the pandemic is what’s leading to everyone getting sick.

Dr. Lewis says because children were masked up for so long, they weren’t developing immunity like they used to. Now that masks are off, and kids are getting sick, they can build up that immunity. He also says the best medicine for kids is to wait it out. Some symptoms like a fever don’t need to be treated according to Dr. Lewis.

“I’m more concerned if I have a child with a 101 fever who is extremely lethargic or extremely irritable, than I am with a child with a 104 fever who is running around and having a wonderful time, so no you don’t have to treat fever,” Dr. Lewis says.

Dr. Lewis says some treatments have even stopped working. He says there are “concerns of overuse of antibiotics developing resistant strains of bacteria and getting to a point where we might not have an antibiotic to treat a certain type of infection and we’re seeing that now with some germs that have developed resistance that previously had not.”

Another reason to use medication sparingly is the shortage Dr. Lewis and other physicians are seeing with amoxicillin. He says eventually medicine like this will eventually run out.

The best advice Dr. Lewis has for parents is to keep their sick children away from others until they’re feeling better. They should also wash their hands often and even wear a mask if needed. He adds he doesn’t see masking going away anytime soon.

If you’re concerned with how your child is acting while being sick, it’s best to check with your physician or pediatrician.