ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Happening soon, a free program from URMC called ‘Vape Escape.’

It starts next week. All designed for teens, a place for them to talk openly with health and behavioral experts. This is made up of five weekly online sessions about vaping, the lasting impact it has on your health, and how to be successful in cutting back or quitting e-cig use.

“Really just encouraging the teens just to talk about it with their parents, because the marketing initially with vaping, it was marketed as a positive as just harmless water vapor as a way to stop smoking for adults, then a lot of flavors attractive colors were added to it, and teens started using it not knowing that it was highly addictive,” Dr. Susan Gasparino from URMC told News 8.

‘Vape Escape’ begins on October 25, it’s free and online.

Learn more about registering here.