ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Researchers are looking for young minds to help them with their studies at the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Office of Health Equity Research. This being an effort to improve the quality of research through young points of view.

URMC’s Office of Health Equity Research (or OHER) is looking to fill a Youth Advisory Board to provide young perspectives to their studies.

Edith Williams, the Founding Director of the Office of Health Equity Research at URMC says their insight matters. They’re looking for fifteen 14- to 17-year-olds to participate on the board to help inform research developing within URMC. Investigations will vary from vaping and smoking to cancer and sickle cell.

The only requirement is that you fit between the age requirements, for now. You don’t need to have a specific GPA or interest, and they’re hoping to get a diverse group for various points of view.

“We would love to have diversity of races and gender identity and disability status and other characteristics, so we have a variety of insights and perspectives on this board,” says Williams.

They’re not closing applications either, keeping a waiting list for future participants. They also want to add an ad-hoc board made up of 18–21-year-olds, once they’ve finished with the youth group.

The program not only has benefits for the URMC researchers. It also helps youth build relationships and learn through experience.

“It really empowers the youth, and they really feel like they’re leading the effort, that their input is important and valued, which are all really great things, and instills an interest in science in a lot of cases.”

Those who participate in the Youth Advisory Board will also be compensated $50 per one hour meeting.