ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The Center for Community Health and Prevention at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) is preparing to host its next ‘Commit to Quit!’ series that works to encourage and provide folks the resources they need to move on from smoking and vaping.

URMC’s Jennifer Lee is the Lifestyle Counselor who helps facilitate the free six-week online program. She explains the program works based on four pillars: support, awareness, planning, and goals.

“It was really designed out of our individual work with folks. And in my work with people individually, we understood that it can be a really isolating and lonely experience. So, we wanted people to be able to connect with one another who are going through a similar journey, and then also be able to learn about what do we know, in terms of evidence-based treatment plans that can help support their journey,” Lee said.

As a Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Lee explains smoking and vaping can impact every cell of the body.

“We know that anyone at any stage can benefit from reducing. So I think we want people to be able to have different sources of support in this journey, whether that be an individual counselor. They could also connect with one of us. Additionally, with anyone in with the group, and then have some group support to talk about the experience and talk about motivation and talk about all the pieces that they might not be able to outside of people who don’t smoke or don’t have that same experience,” Lee said.

A new session is beginning on January 26 which folks can take part in by signing up here. Another session is set to begin on March 16.