ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Nationwide, a number of eye drop recalls have been popping up, worrying many patients.

URMC Associate Professor of Ophthalmology Dr. Rachel Wozniak with URMC spoke to News 8 Friday about this growing concern.

She says a majority of the drops on the recall list are to treat dry eye and are often purchased over the counter.

Dr. Wozniak adds it’s not the formula of the drops that’s causing these infections and says they’re actually getting contaminated with bacteria during the manufacturing process.

“Really the main concern is getting an infection. Because these are contaminated with bacteria, you could develop an infection in the eye by using them,” Dr. Wozniak told News 8. “What users might notice is the eye could become really red, tearing, discharge, vision could become blurry, any one of these signs could mean an infection is going on.”

Dr. Wozniak also reassures patients a majority of eye drops are safe to use.

If your drops aren’t on the recall list, you should continue to use your medication.