ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Kids and families are getting back to school and may be dealing with the on-going shortage of Adderall.

It’s a common stimulant that’s used to treat ADHD.

There has a been a shortage of Adderall for over a year now. A manufacturing issue last fall significantly slowed production. But even now, people are having a tough time getting medication.

Dr. Andrea Milne Wenderlich is a pediatrician at Strong Hospital. While she says that diagnoses in women and minorities are still unlikely undercounted, it has increased.

“20 years ago, I would say that it was around 7 percent of kids, 6 to 17-year-olds, now we’re looking at more 10, 11, 12 percent,” Dr. Wenderlich said.

She says this is likely higher due to better diagnostic tools and protocols. On Adderall itself, she says it’s becoming more common that Ritalin — because the former has more extended-release formulas.

The exact kind that are in shorter supply. In her practice, adjustment, or titration, has become more common despite its challenges.

“Medication titration takes a long time, and trying to do it over the phone based on what’s at a pharmacy is really, really challenging,” Dr. Wenderlich said. “As is made more challenging if you have trouble with transportation or you have no pharmacies close to your home.”

News 8 also spoke to Dave Seelman at Irondequoit Pharmacy on this. He says supply had gotten better, but demand is always up this time of year with back to school, and says local pharmacies can help.

“A lot of parents will do drug holidays, when they won’t give their kids the meds during the summer to give them an opportunity to avoid the side effects,” Seelman said. “In the last couple of weeks, I have definitely seen an uptick in calls from patients from other pharmacies who says their standard pharmacy is out of stock. Calling an independent pharmacy is always the way to go. We’re usually able to have more flexibility than some of the bigger store.”

Unfortunately, there’s no clear end in sight for this shortage. The FDA’s website says some of these prescriptions might not be filled until 2024.

But if you have concerns, talking to your doctor and pharmacist is always a good idea.