HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) – Rochester Clinical Research is looking for those with pre-existing heart conditions to take part in upcoming trials aimed at reducing cardiac risk in the future.

Through the rest of this year, RCR will hold four separate trials. Leaders say it comes with an increasing need in treating heart-related issues more effectively.

Of those trials, many are based by taking therapeutic medications or a placebo. RCR is looking for participants who might be prone to heart attack, stroke, or other coronary diseases. The goal, leaders say, is to develop better treatment methods for heart-related conditions while monitoring patients over time.

“That’s a big thing is I think people that have had recurring events certainly would like to do anything they can to reduce risk of recurrence. That, and also, they have the opportunity to help millions of people with this groundbreaking research,” said Leigh Schirmer, a sub-investigator for Rochester Clinical Research, “The potential to have an oral medication that can have a significant reduction on cardiac morbidity and mortality is really big. A lot of people are afraid to inject medications and the cost can be an issue with some of the newer medications. The potential for an oral medication in addition to already well-known medications is a really exciting opportunity here.”

RCR is seeking approximately 50 participants right now, divided by each of the four studies. Those who qualify can call RCR at 585-288-0890, or visit their website for more information.