ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN ) — A new report by Forbes Advisor lists the least healthy populations. Although not at the top of the list, New York ranked 42nd, making it the ninth healthiest state in the U.S.

To find which states have the least healthy and healthiest populations, Forbes Advisor looked at data from the CDC and the Kaiser Family Foundation for all 50 states across three categories: disease prevalence and mortality rate, substance abuse, and lifestyle habits and health outlook.

According to the report, about 617 New Yorkers have cancer per 100,000 state residents and about 9.33% of adults have diabetes. In total, New York scored 9 out of 100, with 100 being the unhealthiest.

The top 5 least healthy states were Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi, with West Virginia taking the top spot. The top 5 healthiest states were Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, Utah, and Hawaii ranking first.

Vermont ranked 38, making it the 13th healthiest state. To view the full report, you can visit Forbes Advisor website.