ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A local organization is asking for help improving the quality of their mental health services.

Created in January of 2020, Trybe Ecotherapy is a 12 week program that aims to help with trauma rehabilitation, anxiety, depression, and prolonged exposure to stress.

Like many business owners, the founders of Trybe were concerned with how things were going to go with the pandemic starting shortly after they got their start, but things worked out due to their services mainly being conducted outdoors, following COVID guidelines. Co-founder and Clinical Lead Lindsay Cray shared the purpose of the program.

“What we are aiming for is getting people to the point where they feel like they are again in charge of their emotions and their own journey to wellness and not to be the crutch for them,” says Cray.

Marine Corp veteran and peer mentor, Jason Jipson shares what sets the program apart from regular therapy.

“I think being in nature is a huge aspect of it, not being in a doctor’s office. We do talk about your feelings and talk about your day and how your week went but we really dive deep into getting those coping mechanisms and using nature as a tool,” says Jipson.

If you are interested in joining the 12 week program, it is free to sign up, all you need is your id and proof of military service. Contact Lindsay directly via email to get started.

Cray also shares any form of donations received will go to benefit the mental health of the veterans being serviced and to donate you can also contact her via email for that as well.