ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Unless you could go out to the beach or pool, Sunday was a day to stay indoors whenever you could, but many employees — like restaurant servers — have to stay out to serve their outdoor tables. So paramedics have tips to keep your body hydrated and healthy during all this.

Sundays can be a busy time of the week for places like Magnolia’s on Park Avenue. Meredith Smith, the manager of the restaurant, has to keep a close eye on how her staff is doing when heat advisories are in effect.

“We always make sure everybody is well hydrated,” Smith said. “I always bring electrolytes for everybody and we always get waters straight to our tables for our customers and their pets.”

Jon Leroy, an EMT for Perinton Ambulance, explained these conditions can make it easier for those with pre-existing conditions, like respiratory problems, to get dehydrated quickly. Then have trouble breathing, causing their symptoms to act up.

“Dealing with the current covid pandemic that we are, unfortunately, that is also playing into it as well,” Leroy said. “Where people who may not have pre-existing respiratory problems are now having to deal with the effects of one because they have attracted covid either currently or in the past.”

When spending long periods of time outdoors on hot and humid days, people need to be mindful of how much they’re sweating and to constantly drink water instead of soda or other sugary drinks.

“As you sweat you lose salt and other electrolytes which can increase your tenancy to suffer from a heat-related illness,” Leroy explained. “Most people are dehydrated by nature, to begin with, because we have a tenancy to gravitate towards sodas, coffee, and things of that nature.”

Early signs of heat exhaustion or strokes can be cramps around parts of your body — especially if you don’t typically experience pain there — lightheadedness is another symptom to look out for.

Paramedics added one should never hesitate to call 911 once you feel the situation is to the point where you can’t control it.