ROCHESTER N.Y. (WROC) — For this open enrollment period enrollment for the marketplace begins November 16th. 

“But enroll by December 15th if they want coverage starting January 1st of 2024.”

Executive Director of New York State of Health Danielle Holahan says there are plenty of coverage options. What you pay depends on your income and the plan you choose.

“The idea there is we didn’t want anybody to be precluded from enrolling in coverage in any program. New York state of health operates a fully integrated marketplace across public and commercial insurance. The only program that has a fixed open enrollment period is the commercial health plans and typically open enrollment runs from November 1st to January 31st so we have been doing things a little differently through the pandemic and now the end of the unwind,” she said.

She says there are three ways to enroll; through the customer service center 855 355 5777, using the help of a local certified enrollment assister, which is the most common way to enroll, or enrolling on your own.

She says you can do anonymous shopping on their website by using a cost estimator tool they’ve provided.

“People can browse. We call this anonymous shopping you can go on and you don’t have to put on any personal information, you can browse by your zip code if you want to estimate the premium tax coverage you’re eligible for. you plug in your income information  and that will return for you your plan options,” she said.

To get started on the search for healthcare options through the marketplace the website is

Holahan wants to remind everyone that no one should ever pay to enroll in coverage. It is free.