ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New York State saw a 76% increase in Influenza cases statewide, according to data from the New York State Health Connector.

The data shows Monroe County still has the largest amount of flu cases in Western New York and the sixth-largest amount of flu cases statewide — with 1,652 confirmed cases. Data also shows a majority of these cases were reported as Influenza A and only three cases were confirmed as Influenza B.

Altogether, New York State has 27,171 confirmed cases — 25,689 of these cases are Influenza Type A and only 283 are Influenza Type B.

This information comes as respiratory viruses are spreading throughout Rochester. Health experts are warning the public — especially people with young kids and the elderly — about RSV.

Doctors remind everyone to wash their hands, be cautious in big settings, and stay home if you are feeling sick. They also recommend wearing a mask while indoors.