ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — New York State has seen a 64% increase in confirmed Influenza cases, according to the New York State Health Connector.

Data shows that there are 44,426 confirmed flu cases throughout the state — 41,765 of those cases are Type A and 391 are Type B. 2,270 of these confirmed cases are unspecified types.

Although Monroe County has only seen an 18% increase since last week, it still has the highest number of confirmed flu cases in the Western New York region. According to the data, there are 1,946 confirmed cases of the flu — 1,944 of these cases are Type A and just two cases are Type B.

Recently, Senator Chuck Schumer called for the US Department of Health and Human Services for help as flu and RSV cases are skyrocketing in the region — overwhelming hospitals.