ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — UR Medicine’s Center for Community Health and Prevention, in partnership with the Wilmot Cancer Institute, is offering a free program to promote healthy living while trying to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.

Promote Health. Prevent Cancer is the name of the program. Katie Bauer is the Regional Program Coordinator and Class Facilitator. She spoke about its benefits Wednesday during News 8 at Noon.

“This is an amazing program that is free and it is eight weeks long,” Bauer said. “It’s about an hour or hour and fifteen minutes depending on if you are doing it virtually or in person. It is an amazing prevention program with 45 minutes of nutritional information and some education, and we always end it with some physical activity. All of this is to put small lifestyle changes into our days that do end up, in the long run, helping prevent cancer and many chronic diseases.”

The next class is being offered from April 21 to June 9.

“With this program what we really try to get across is just prevention – little, tiny things that we can add into our day to make us healthy and happy,” explained Bauer. “We specifically get into nutrition as to what fuels our body and what is really healthy for all of the numbers we have inside of us. We do that by looking at nutritional labels and giving us a choice of what would be our best choice by really understanding nutritional labels, understanding why being at a healthy weight, and being physically active makes a big difference in our overall health. We also get into plant-based foods – our fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans – as to what our plate should look like and all the different choices. So what this program really is – is encouraging you and motivating you to have a healthy lifestyle little, by little, by little.”

If the session starting April 21 doesn’t work for you, the Promote Health. Prevent Cancer program is offered at other times as well. In addition, it’s possible to schedule classes for your group.

Bauer said, “It’s all about choice. It is very empowering. You’re being exposed to all of these ideas, and tips and tricks, and it is very empowering because you put that into action and you see results. We don’t have a lot of control over things that are out there – but we have control of how our own health is with little, tiny things and that’s very empowering to you as a person to keep going.”

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