ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The New York State Department of Health is encouraging residents to get the flu shot as flu cases have increased from the previous week.

As of right now, there are over 1,000 confirmed cases of influenza in Monroe County this week — with the Department of Health saying that this was a 20% increase from last week. However, there are slightly fewer hospitalization cases, with only 55 confirmed cases, which is a 2% decrease.

According to New York State’s Flu Tracker, Monroe County has the second-highest amount of cases in Western New York with 23 confirmed cases — 21 confirmed to be Influenza A and only two being Influenza B. The highest county is Erie County, with 58 confirmed cases of the flu.

Even though the cases have gone up, New York is nowhere close to the amount of confirmed cases that the state had last season. The state saw over 3,400 cases at approximately the same time as this current report. At its highest, the state saw over 52,000 cases.

Medical experts in Monroe County are not dubbing this season “flu season” — instead they are referring to it as “respiratory virus season.” Not only are experts encouraging residents to get the flu vaccine, but they are also urging residents to get vaccinated for RSV and to get the updated COVID-19 shot.

“Flu season is here, now is a good time to get a flu shot,” said NYS Health Commissioner Dr. James McDonald. “The updated COVID vaccine is also available and can be administered at the same time as the flu shot, giving further protection against these respiratory viruses. And with the holidays coming up, nobody wants to miss out on life’s precious moments.”

For those wanting to get the flu vaccine or any of the other vaccines mentioned, you can find more information on More flu data can be found by clicking here.