ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — For the second day in a row New York State is seeing a COVID positivity rate below the ten percent mark. Today, nearly 28,000 new COVID cases were reported statewide out of nearly 300,000 tests. With more than ten thousand people hospitalized state-wide, with 1,500 in intensive care units.

Some pediatric hospitals are treating young patients for COVID. One local hospital says it seeing dozens of children with symptoms related to the Omicron variant. But doctors say for those that are vaccinated; the cases are mild. 

We heard on Friday what Covid-19 hospital trends are looking like amongst adults locally, but what about Pediatric Hospitals and children getting vaccinated in the middle of the Omicron Wave?  

Every hospital in the Finger Lakes Region, has seen an uptick in hospitalization. Golisano Children’s Hospital has seen more kids being hospitalized from the Omicron Variant. But it doesn’t mean this strain is more deadly to their age groups. But vaccines should remain a priority.  

Since the rise of the Omicron variant, pediatricians at Golisano Children’s Hospital have averaged 8-12 Covid-19 patients at a time in their care. But all are responding well to available treatments adults also get.  

“Steroids, monoclonal antibodies, and specific therapies,” Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Timothy Stevens listed. “We’ve also learned is that children generally don’t get sick as adults do. Most times children do quite well without those more advanced therapies.”  

However, showing serious signs of coronavirus symptoms can take more time to build up in children. Keeping parents on guard. 

“Even if you’re vaccine hesitant I can’t imagine a grandchild baring the burden of having infected their grandparent,” Jeanne Beddoe, who’s a grandmother of two, told us. “And having them get really sick because they brought home a sniffle from school.” 

“The symptoms that we would look for is the headache, body sweats, or fever,” Olivia Damico, a mother of a two year old added. “The land can’t taste or smell. But honestly, it’s different for everyone.” 

Like adults, most children admitted to Golisano Covid positive are unvaccinated. But for those under the age of five, doctors advise their best protection is keeping them in an environment where all those around them are vaccinated.  

“That means adults who care for them and interact with them should be vaccinated,” Dr. Stevens explained. “The adults should wear masks to protect themselves and young children.”  

“I wanted her to be about people who are also vaccinated because we are seeing that it is providing the best care,” Damico said. “People are not getting as sick that we’re seeing that are getting double vaccinated or their boosters.”  

Golisano Children’s Hospital is not at the point where they are limited to staff or bed space shrinking due to Covid admissions, so each patient gets all the attention they need.