ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The fox that bit several residents in Brighton tested positive for rabies, the Monroe County Department of Health confirmed on Tuesday.

On Friday evening, six people were bitten by a fox in the area of Hollyvale Drive and Tilstone Place. County officials said that the fox was killed by authorities.

The Dept. of Health said that they tested the fox and confirmed that he was infected with rabies. They added the disease can lead to death in infected animals and humans if untreated.

Mike Wasilco with the Department of Environmental Conservation says sometimes you can tell if an animal is infected by how it’s acting.

“They may not seem to be aware of their surroundings, they may be walking in circles, walking into things, and oftentimes they can be more aggressive and don’t have their normal fear of humans.”

Brighton residents feel like it also took a long time before they could subdue the fox and keep it from biting other people, however Wasilco says this is part of their protocol. Brighton Animal Control showed up to the neighborhood a week ago, but were unable to locate the fox. He also says the likelihood of a rabid animal biting multiple people is rare, as it’s usually captured or dead before then.

Health officials are warning that anyone who touched a fox in Brighton last week should meet with a healthcare provider immediately and report the incident to the Monroe County Rabies Control Program at (585)-753-5171.