ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — While so many people are staying at home for the next few weeks, it is important to stay healthy and avoid overeating, especially when you’re so close to the kitchen.

It can be easy to blindly snack all day long when stuck at home, but there are ways to prevent from gaining weight and keeping fit during a long stretch at home.  

“Setting up a routine or a structure,” said Jill Chodak, a clinical dietitian at URMC Center for Community Health and Prevention. “A new one since all of ours have changed for your eating pattern. That is easier said than done, and it seems really simplistic, but it’s really important.” 

While the brain may want to accelerate dinnertime, it is important to set a certain time for dinner. 

“You’ll know that food is coming, so where the craving is coming from? Did I not eat enough at lunch? Am I stressed out? Am I bored? It will help to eliminate variables that might confuse you,” said Chodak. 

Snacks are fine, but it is important to get a balanced diet for equal nutrition. 

“You need to carve yourself out some space to breathe it in and say is this really hunger or is this me stressing out about X,Y,Z?”