ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — For years, the consumers of the cosmetic surgery industry have been overwhelmingly female, but now surgeons are starting to see a dramatic shift.

The industry has nicknamed the new trend “Brotox.” The number of men receiving Botox injections has gone up almost 400% since the year 2000.

Omari Lozada is a plumber in the Rochester area. He recently received Botox for the first time.

“I feel good. I feel that I accomplished something I’ve been putting off for awhile, and questioning it,” he said. “It was due time, because I wanted to do it for myself.”

Lozada did not jump into the procedure without a lot of thought.

He made the decision after accompanying his wife to her appointments.

“He usually accompanies his wife, and he’s always been interested,” said Dr. Ben Tracy, who administered Lozada’s Botox injections. “So he finally decided to take the plunge.”

Dr. Tracy say that men’s desires when they seek Botox are not unique. They just want the same restored youthfulness the procedure has always been promoted to offer.

“Men don’t want to look done or fake, they just want to look refreshed and youthful,” Dr. Tracy said.

More and more men are getting comfortable with the shots that relax muscles to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

“When I started three years ago, I don’t think I had any male patients — ti was all women,” Dr. Tracy said. “It’s steadily gotten more and more with the men that are coming in. Every week we’re seeing more and more men.”

So how much does “Brotox” cost?

“Here at the spa, we charge by the unit, so each Botox shot is broken down by units and that’s how you measure the price,” Dr. Tracy said. “One unit of Botox is $12, around $200 altogether.”

For all the men out there who might be thinking about plastic surgery, Dr. Tracy says it’s all up to you.

“If you see something changing, and you want to freshen up or look better — see a professional,” Dr. Tracy said.