CLIFTON SPRINGS, NY (WROC-TV) It’s a haunted house run by students in Clifton Springs, and it’s already brought in a hair-raising amount for charity.

Midlakes senior Coby Reals has been designing haunted houses annually since he was a kid. He decided to go for an upgrade this year, and use the third floor of the Village Hall.  This year’s theme is “High School Horrors,” And he’s donating the funds raised to the community. 

“I chose the YMCA and Clifton Springs Cancer Patients. I always feel the need to donate to people with cancer I feel it’s just like a horrible disease,” says Reals.

So far, he’s raised $5,000. This massive effort is not over yet, and is certainly not done alone. 

“One of the village clerks, Linda downstairs comes in and helps me decorate,” says Reals. “I do a lot of the building after school, I’ll come in. But also my family.”

Colby’s parents and his grandfather put in a lot of elbow grease, as do his fellow students. 

“It’s been very good for the community and thank God we have all the actors who volunteer,” says Rob Reals.

“I do a lot of scars and a lot of bullet holes, because Colby likes it gory,” adds Megan Blair, Volunteer Actress & Makeup Artist.

“In his short lifetime, he’s volunteered thousands and thousands of hours. This is just an extension of him,” says Mary Kay Reals.

And Colby is well-known for being behind efforts year-round. 

“So next week at school we have a blood drive and guess who’s behind it? Coby Reals,” says Todd Clausen who works public relations for Phelps-Clifton Springs Schools. He says this project is more than just a haunted house, especially for the student volunteers. 

“It’s almost a part of the curriculum where they give back and stay connected where their roots are in the community. The fact that someone who is a teenager doing this is just a really awesome.” adds Clausen.

The Haunted House is open right through until Halloween. Stop by, get spooked, and put some cash to a good cause. Colby is looking for volunteers; if you’re interested follow this link.