Greece Athena Mother Speaks Out After Bullying Accusations

Greece, NY (WROC)–  “I understand the anger but it’s not what they think,” says Angela Fernandez, mother of one of the boys accused of bullying a classmate with special needs.

Fernandez says her son admits to recording videos that show the student exposing his genitals and sticking his head in a school toilet but she says, according to her son, the boys were all in on the joke together.

“He said, ‘Hey guys– do you wanna see me drink my own urine?’ But he said the p word instead.”

Despite having his phone privileges revoked, she says her son used a classmate’s phone to capture the footage.

“And they said– ‘Well I’m getting this on film if you’re gonna do that.’ He said “Okay,” and the young man literally waited- ‘Are you ready?’ They said, ‘Okay. Yeah go.’ And they all walked out of the bathroom together, laughing.”

Fernandez insists the boys did not know their classmate had a disability.

“The kids just thought he was that funny dude that says funny things,” she says.

Her son who is only 15, spoke to us off-camera, saying he regrets filming the incident and now knows he should’ve stopped it.

“He’s sorry for filming the video and he’s not a bad kid at all,” says Fernandez as she tears up.

The family says since the story went public their address has been shared online and they’ve received threats through social media.  One of the numerous threats reads:

“You’re a scumbag– let me catch you in greece.”

Another reads:

“Are you one of the n**** that f*** with that boy?”

Fernandez believes that since the other boys in the case were involved in a prior bullying incident that hit national news, her son is getting more backlash.

According to school paperwork in the family’s possession, the 15-year-old has been suspended since the incident and asked to attend a school hearing on wednesday. The letter shows he could face expulsion for a year over the incident.

Although she has the option, Fernandez won’t hire a lawyer. She says her son will tell the truth– including the role he played in making fun at the expense of someone else.

“It was a bad decision…He’s learned his lesson.”

Neither the Greece School District nor the police department have provided any details about the case and they did not respond to our request for information.  In letters sent to school families, they called the allegations “disturbing” and said they would work with police to determine if any crime has been committed.

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