Grass Fed Rochester, only local vegan butcher shop, set to reopen

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In 2019, Grass Fed Rochester opened its doors to the Rochester community and added to the city’s boiling pot of food products.

The butcher shop however, offers more than your typical slab of ham; because Grass Fed is Rochester’s only vegan butcher shop, providing plant-based meat substitutes.

Following a successful period in Rochester, the store is now set to re-open June 28 on Monroe Avenue. Grass Fed provides meatless options in order to make the vegan lifestyle more accessible without compromising taste. Owners Rob Nipe and Nora Rubel hope to make the thought of meatless goods easier for newcomers to digest.

“We find that over half our customers aren’t vegan,” Nipe said. “So it’s people trying to explore being vegan or trying out a meatless Monday right? I jokingly call us the vegan training wheels for people.”

The store’s list of goods is extensive and made comfortable to pick from. Most of the options are made up of meatless versions of classic items found in traditional butcher shops. These include chicken cutlets made from vegan chicken broth, tofu and miso paste or gyros created by vital wheat gluten and soy sauce.

Additionally, Grass Fed offers a gluten-free selection and will increase it’s stock with Kosher products upon re-opening.

The shop will host a grand opening event Monday, June 28 from noon to 7 p.m.

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