ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Mark Assini, candidate for Monroe County Executive, is addressing Governor Hochul’s state budget plans.

Those plans come with a $227 billion price tag — a 29% increase over pre-pandemic levels.
He argues the governor intercepted money that was intended to go toward Medicaid services in Monroe County through the Affordable Care Act.

“Monroe Co. is being shorted tens of millions of dollars in state aid that other counties are getting,” Assini said in a statement. “Governor Hochul is going to intercept and take […] money that is supposed to go towards paying for Medicaid services that are required by law.”

Assini says without the funds, that program will have to figure out how to close the gap, adding that this may lead to a cutback on certain services the county is able to provide.

“Monroe County isn’t getting it’s fair share of funding as other counties — as proven by state delegation getting money that we should be getting. That’s number one. And number two — in the middle of a fiscal year, we now have had a cut based on this budget that’s going to put a $24.5M hole in the county budget.”

Assini says that the county planned for certain funds to come from the state, that Hochul has now cut, leading to an immediate deficit of $18.5 million.

He adds — although this money was supposed to go toward Medicaid services only — he feels there will be more issues to come down the line.

“The affordability of your property taxes, vital community services and local business growth is directly impacted by this inequity,” Assini said. “We can do better.”