Webster Schroeder technology teacher awarded Golden Apple

Golden Apple

WEBSTER, NY (WROC) — His students say he brings his love of both technology and teaching into the classroom. Mr. Andrew Gill from Webster Schroeder High School was nominated by his student, Shaun Villegas, for a Golden Apple Award.

Mr. Andrew Gill teaches Auto Services and Consumer Auto. 10th-grade student Villegas has Mr. Gill for both classes. He says Gill goes out of his way to help students and teaches them important skills they can use in the real world.

Villegas says, “He feels like the hands-on skills that we learn in auto are most important because you can get a career out of it.” He goes on to say, “He helps us with anything that we need, even if it doesn’t have to deal with school. (He helps with) advice and stuff like that.”

Webster Schroeder High School Principal Paul Benz says Mr. Gill does a great job connecting with his students. “He also makes his classes very relevant to what they are doing inside and outside of class,” explains Principal Benz.

We surprised Mr. Gill with a Golden Apple while he was teaching a room full of students. He was surprised and his students cheered him on.

Lia Lando: “Congratulations Mr. Gill! You won a Golden Apple Award. I’m from channel 8. Sean here nominated you!”
Mr. Andrew Gill: “Thanks, Sean! That’s awesome! Thank you, buddy!” (students clapping)
Lia Lando: “What do you like about teaching?”
Mr. Andrew Gill: “Definitely hanging out with the students. It’s like Santa’s workshop!”
Lia Lando: “What do you hope they learn from you?”
Mr. Andrew Gill: “Hard work, definitely. The skill set to move on and be a success somewhere.”

He wants future teachers to know it a lot of work but well worth it, making a difference int he lives of so many students.

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