The entire class nominated Holley chorus teacher for a Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple

HOLLEY, NY (WROC) — We’ve received numerous nominations for a teacher before but this might be the largest number of nominations we’ve ever gotten for one teacher on the same day!

Close to 70 Holley High School students nominated their chorus teacher, Mrs. Kelly Marzano, for  Golden Apple Award. The recognition brought her to tears.

Mrs. Kelly Marzano is a very popular chorus teacher at Holley High School. Student Matthew Shehak says, “She keeps the room like a protected place so you don’t have to worry if you have the best voice. You can just sing your heart out!”

When students aren’t singing with her, they’re stopping by for advice. Michaela Williams says Mrs. Marzano helped her through a very difficult time. She explains, “My friend passed away this year and I went to her room and I was very upset and I stayed in there almost the whole day. She just really helped us through it.”

Senior Jocelyn Cervone, “She’s so warm-hearted and kind. She wants nothing but the best for everybody.”

These students recently asked Mrs. Marzano to leave the classroom so they could discuss nominating her for a Golden Apple…and clearly, she had no idea!

Lia Lando and students surprised her with the Golden Apple, yelling, “You won the Golden Apple Award!”

Mrs. Marzano was brought to tears. She got even more emotional after Lia Lando told her, “Mrs. Marzano, not to make you cry even more, but every single one of these students in this classroom sent me a nomination for you!”

Kelly Marzano told the class, “Thank you! I love you!”

She was so emotional she could barely speak but she did manage to answer one question.

Lia Lando: “What do you love about teaching?”
Marzano: “It’s kind of cliche but the students. You guys are just a family apart from family.”

And the students feel the same. Students of Mrs. Kelly Marzano talked to us about why they all nominated her for a Golden Apple Award. here’s what some of them told us:

Ally Benson, 11th Grade: “I nominated Mrs. Marzano because she’s just the most caring person in the school. She’s always, always there for us. She just needed to be rewarded because sometimes I feel like we take advantage that she’s always there. This is kind of like our big thank you to her.” 

Student Lexi Seewagon: “I think that it can go for us all that this room is a very common ground for everybody. You have kids coming in here all the time to eat lunch, study halls… like any free time of the day. I think if they can get out of class they’re here and it’s just because she makes it such an open and comfortable environment for everybody to come and hang out with her. She’s like a teacher but she’s also family and friend. She’s got the whole combo deal going for her.”

Ninth Grader Emma Lavender tells us, “I always had a really negative outlook on myself and I always liked singing and when I come to my lessons and I sing my song for the concert, she always gets really positive about it. She always kind of lifts me up when I’m really down and she’s always a positive person. That really helps me out a lot and I’m very thankful for her.”

Shona MacPhee says, “She’s gotten the name in the school ‘Momzano’ because she is the mom of the school. She is a person always there for everybody and always there to talk if you need to talk.”

Shy Foster adds, “She’s just like the most encouraging teacher out of all of them. You could say you hate how you sound and she will tell you-you are the best singer she’s heard. She’s just amazing at encouraging all of us to stay in the choir and do what we want and even outside of school, like just do what is best for us.”

Brandy Heffernan says Mrs. Marzano, “Helped me through a lot this year so I really wanted to nominate her for helping me through a tough time.”

Hailey Harring says, “We both think she does everything well. Even though good and bad days she’ll still teach us really well.”

Haile Lipkey adds, “Whether we’re having a bad day or she’s having a bad day she always makes it better.”

Cheyan Palmer agrees, “She is just one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever met. She is always welcoming, always loving, always caring about your day.”

Cole Morgan says he and his buddies are “not exactly the best singers but she’s always encouraging us and she goes out of her way to find ways for us to actually interact in chorus.”

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