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Six Hilton students nominated Mr. Terry Gilmore for Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple

We usually receive a nomination for a teacher from one, maybe two students. However, six Hilton students nominated this week’s Golden Apple Award Winner, Mr. Terry Gilmore. They told News 8’s Lia Lando they wanted to make sure he was recognized.

Here’s what each of the 11th graders said about why they nominated their history teacher, Mr. Gilmore: 

Emma Donohue: “I nominated him because he makes sure that every student has a way to learn that’s best for them whether is through video or notes.”
Madison Schmitt: “He’ll always be there for us whether through history or any personal issues we have. He says he’ll always be there.”
Lauren Morris: “He also realizes that we have personal lives outside of school and makes sure we can balance.”
Skylaar Garbowski: “He lets us do whatever is most comfortable for us, so if we’re watching a video or something that makes us uncomfortable, he’ll let us step out into the hallway….”
Sarah Engel: “He just is a wonderful person who connects to every single kid”
Jack DiBitetto: “He realizes it’s really important to make sure that learning is fun and makes sure everyone understands what’s going on. I think he’s great at that.”

Mr. Gilmore was in the middle of a history lesson when we all surprised him. The students yelled “You won a Golden Apple Award! (cheering) “

Lia Lando: “You had a lot of students nominate you! What do you think?”

Terry Gilmore: “I’m speechless, shocked, emotional…”

Lia Lando: “What do you like about teaching?”

Terry Gilmore: “I get to come into work everyday and live my dream…..I told these guys on the first day of school, I want for them in their lives that they can find something to do with their lives that they love to do and that they’re passionate about.” 

He’s also known for his so called “life lessons with Gilmore”

Terry Gilmore explains, “I try to mix social studies and history content with real life lessons. I think in the world that we’re living in today…it’s complicated, it’s scary and understanding the history of our country and how we got where we are is the most important thing.”

These students think recognizing Mr. Gilmore is pretty important, too.

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