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McQuaid teacher Lisa Soprano receives Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple

It’s always nice to know you can rely on someone and at McQuaid Jesuit, Ms. Lisa Soprano is known as that teacher who’s always there for her students.

Her former student, Jimmy Crossed (’22) says, “She’s always around. Always (here) after school.”
McQuaid’s Middle School Dean, Ms. Janet Dacey says. “She has the patience of a saint… She gives up every lunch period to review with them.”

That’s the reason her former seventh grade student, Jimmy Crossed, nominated her for a Golden Apple. Mrs. Soprano was teaching science when Lia Lando and Jimmy surprised her with the award.

Lia: “Suprise! On behalf of Channel 8, we’re excited to give you a Golden Apple Award! Congratulations!”
Mrs. Soprano: “What is this for? What did I do?”
Lia: “You’re a great teacher and your students love you, right guys?”

The entire class applauded.

Ms. Lisa Soprano says, “I love McQuaid. I have to start with that. My boys are the best! I just love everyday to teach these boys who are all great kids (crying)”

She says they keep her young, energized and she wouldn’t trade her job for a billion dollars! Soprano says, “We just joked the other day…someone said to me…what if you win this big lottery? I bought a ticket (but) I would be right back at work Monday morning!”

There’s one lesson she hopes her students never forget: “Be kind. Be kind, be loving, see good in people… Even when they’re jerks to you. You just have to keep radiating kindness,” explains Soprano.

She says kindness will come back to you, like it did to her today.

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