It makes sense taking a science class outside, but time, weather and resources usually don’t allow for that.

Jason Brownell is undeterred.

He runs the Eco Club at East Rochester Jr./Sr. High School.

“He knows so much about nature and the environment and he’s making those connections the whole walk,” said Casey van Harssel, the school’s principal.

Brownell doesn’t just teach science, he sells it.

Paulina Lexer says she switched gears and is now racing towards science having sat through his class, which is why she nominated him for a Golden Apple Award.

“In the classroom, I’ve never felt more involved with a teacher and I’ve never felt compatible with a teacher,” Lexer said.

After being presented with the award, Brownell said, “I was horrible at science growing up … To turn around and be a science teacher and actually be pretty good at it, means a lot. And to convince them they can be good at it.”

Plus, he gets to get outside, even if it means teaching on the weekends.