Golden Apple: Congratulations to Tony Lambiase!

Golden Apple

WEST IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to our next Golden Apple Award winner, Tony Lambiase! 

Lambiase teaches physical education and health classes at Dake Junior High School in West Irondequoit. Two of his students nominated him for the award, saying he brings enthusiasm, patience and positive energy into the classroom. 

“If you need help in the school, or there’s something going on, then he just understands,” said 7th grader Mackenzie Cushman. Cushman and her peer, Adeline Cudzilo, nominated Lambiase. 

“I like the lessons that we learn in health and PE, and I like all of his jokes that he always says, like messing around. And it’s always just fun to be in the classroom,” Cudzilo said. “I just like how we’re able to like participate in all the different discussions and stuff.”

Maryanne Heiman, the Principal at Dake Junior High, said she was excited to see another teacher at the school win a Golden Apple Award and Mr. Lambiase was more than deserving. 

“He’s very friendly and personable with his students. He makes great connections with them. He’s also a father, so he brings that into play when he’s in the classroom working with students and he collaborates well with his colleagues,” Heiman said. 

Lambiase said he has been teaching for 12 years and for six of those, he’s been at Dake. His desire to be a teacher grew from the role models he had when he was a student. 

“Connections that I have with teachers that I had in Junior High and high school is what got me into education. I always thought I wanted to be a fireman until about my sophomore/junior year when I was having some struggles in school, and it was the connections with teachers and coaches that that kept my head up,” Lambiase said. 

Lambiase also coaches Dake’s volleyball team. Over the years, he’s had a special impact on his students, and his students on him. 

“They’re everything, they’re the reason I come in every day. The individual connections that I have with all of them, whether it’s about TV shows, or sports, or sports that I used to play, or parents that I might know, it’s just…they’re the reason I come every day,” Lambiase said. 

For his efforts as a teacher and the impact he’s had on his students, News 8 presented Lambiase with a Golden Apple Award. 

“This is it’s an honor. Very unexpected. But I love this school and these kids and this makes it worth it,” Lambiase said. 

Cudzilo and Cushman were able to be there to surprise Lambiase with the award and both students said they were excited to see one of their favorite teachers receive such a special recognition. 

“It’s always fun to see like surprises, especially this one. Like we’ve been waiting all week to like just to see what’s going to happen,” Cudzilo said. 

“He’s a good teacher and that he deserves to have the award,” Cushman added.

Congratulations to Mr. Lambiase! 

If you know a teacher you’d like to nominate for a Golden Apple Award, you click here to fill out a form. 

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