PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulation to Martha Schickler, a 6th-grade teacher at St. Joseph School in Penfield! She was nominated for a Golden Apple Award by one of her current students.

Mrs. Schickler’s class was preparing for the upcoming Christmas concert when we arrived to surprise her with the award. But everything knew it wouldn’t be difficult to get her to come back to the music room to hear her students sing.

“Individual students are very important to Mrs. Schickler,” Principal Amy Johnson said. “She gets to know each and every one of them and I think that’s what makes her a successful teacher.”

Martha Schickler teaches 6th grade and also teaches Math and Science to 5th graders.

“I just really think she is an amazing teacher. She does a really good job and teaching and she has a great sense of humor,” said Connor Amaxopoulos, who nominated her for the award, but the whole class agreed she deserves it.

“She makes learning so much fun and she also has a hot cocoa machine in the classroom, I mean what’s better than that,” student James DiPaola added.

“She is so exciting in the classroom they just love to learn with Mrs. Schickler and she puts 110 % into everything she does,” Johnson said.

Schickler took a break from teaching when she was raising her own children. But she’s glad she made the decision to return. She especially enjoys teaching 6th grade.

“Sixth is my happy place. You are my people. There’s a certain kind of sense of humor that I have that they get and I love that they are really becoming who they are as people,” said Schickler.