ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congratulations to our next Golden Apple winner — Katy Miller! 

Miller teaches global history and AP European history at Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women. She’s known for being a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, who is very passionate about her work. 

“AP European history is kind of an overwhelming topic, but she’s able to make it so super fun with different engaging things, like different videos and fun songs, or doing fun activities, like writing tweets and how historical people would think,” said senior Danae Minich.

For the past seven years, Miller has been teaching at the high school. She took the job after working as an administrator in Vermont for after-school and summer programs. 

“I thought that I love learning and I love students and I love students’ energy,” Miller said. “I’m hoping to make them aware and make them make a difference in the world.”

Over the years, Miller has helped many students plan for the future using fun activities to help internalize concepts and materials. 

“She’s done such an amazing job of preparing us for college, teaching us critical thinking skills, how to analyze documents, connecting history today, and it’s really just been an incredibly valuable class because of her,” said senior Jessica Mason, who takes AP Euro with Miller. 

“World history teaches us a lot about how to act today, primarily how to not act today, but I think we really can learn from the mistakes and the good things about history,” Miller added.

But what really makes Miller stand out is her passion towards teaching, mixed with a good sense of humor and desire to make the world a better place. 

“Mrs. Miller is just one of those fantastic teachers who knows their content, who delivers it and engages the girls in a way that they’re excited about it, ever-youthful, ever-energetic,” said Principal Dr. Martin Kilbridge. “She combines the rigor and the excitement and makes a wonderful experience for those girls.”

Because of Miller’s fun teaching style and unique classroom activities, a group of seniors wanted her to be recognized with a Golden Apple Award from News 8.

“We just decided to nominate her because this class has been something that was kind of intimidating to take, AP European History, but she’s made it into something that’s super fun and super enjoyable, and we’re learning so much,” Minich said. “We just felt that she was such a great teacher that deserves all the awards and all the praise.”

Eight students ended up nominating Miller for the recognition, something Principal Kilbridge said is a testament to the impact Miller has had on her students. 

“These are the AP girls in particular, who she inspires and gets great results from the work that she does with them, and they are just a wonderful group of girls,” he said. “Engaging girls at that level is particularly demanding and difficult, and she manages to do that with those girls and meeting the needs of the freshmen and the younger girls. She’s just an amazing teacher all around.”

Upon receiving the Golden Apple award, Miller said she was “really surprised” and “grateful,” but that the award goes to her students, who make her job so great. 

Congrats to Katy Miller! Thank you for all your efforts in the community. 

If you know a teacher you’d like to nominate for a Golden Apple Award, you can find nomination forms here