GATES, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s the basis for literature and art, but is hardly taught in school these days.  We’re talking about Latin.

Tuesday’s News 8 Golden Apple Award winner teaches it!

“Mrs. Q” is just one of those teachers- you leave her classroom with a smile,” exclaimed Cecilia Gardner, a 12th grader at Gates-Chili High School.

Mrs. Jeanne Cimino-Quagliata or “Q” for short has quite a group of cheerleaders at Gates-Chili High School. 

“She’s just a really great teacher that has a really big dedication to her students and the program.” said 11th grader, Bridget Gardner.

For 35 years she’s been teaching Latin. Kenneth Hammel, Gates-Chili High School Principal, echoes his students.

“Mrs. Q” is an energetic, enthusiastic teacher who has really driven our Latin program here for a long time.  She’s a huge advocate for the program and understands that between word origin and the amount of kids going into the science field it’s a really head start for them.”

It was no surprise she was ready to talk about Latin when given the opportunity. 

“It is the basis of a lot of medical terms, legal terms, it helps with your understanding of references in terms of literature and art.  The list goes on and on wonderful preparation for college,” said Cimino-Quagliata.

“Q” almost became a lawyer, but made a last-minute decision to teach instead of heading off to law school. 

“I’m not considering retiring yet, so I have no regrets about not being a lawyer. I made the right decision. 

And she’s one of a few Latin teachers around. 

“We’re the only school on the west side of Monroe County that offers Latin in a public school,” bragged Mrs. Q.

Giving her students a unique opportunity to learn.